Maitri Dalicha Maitri Dalicha

Maitri is an Illustrator and Ink Artist from Ahmedabad, India. She loves to make and create. It was what her childhood was made up so she decided her adulthood to be the same. Her drive is the immense pleasure of creating something out of absolutely nothing.

This little online portal was made for her internet presence along with her social media to upload all her passion projects, client works and to keep designed products and her artworks readily available for purchase.

Nature has always been a driving force and it is always reflected in her art. God is in the details, indeed. Over the years of practice, she has found her signature black and white pen artworks but she also dabbles in linocut printmaking, acrylics and wall murals.

When doing nothing of everything mentioned above, she will be found enjoying her tea or playing with her dog Snow or maybe just enjoying the nature.

For illustration commission and/or identity branding, reach out at


Apart from all listed above, she has also worked with small startup brands.