Maitri Dalicha Maitri Dalicha

Maitri Dalicha aboutI am an Illustrator and Ink Artist from India. All I know about myself is that I love to make and create. That was everything my childhood was made of. Consequently, that is what I decided my adulthood to be made of, given the immense pleasure I get by creating something.

I made this little online portal and my internet presence, ofcourse apart from Instagram, where I will upload my passion projects, client works and products that I made or plan to make, for you to learn the process of making and also to buy.

When doing nothing of everything I mentioned above, I’ll be found enjoying my tea with/without friends or playing with my dog Snow or maybe just snoozing in a corner.

Also quite evidently, Black is my addiction.

For illustration commission and identity branding, write to me at