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Indianama 2018

India’s streets have been nameless for far too long and Indianama 2018 aimed to give them a new identity. 71 artists came together to create new identities and design languages for 71 small street-side businesses across New Delhi.

Store Brief

The original fruit ninja, Rizwan’s Fruit Corner was founded over 20 years ago in Saket’s Pushp Vihar. From 7 in the
morning to 10 in the night, the fresh fruits they sell is good for the body and great for the soul. Although his shop is a
medley of colors, the owner- Rizwan, is partial towards the color pink.


A burst of colors and smells are the very first attributes one experiences when he/she enters a fruit shop. The illustrations are based on the similar experience. A wide spectrum of colors is used to represent the medley of colors one finds at such places. There is a maximum use of pink and its tones since the owner – Rizwan  has an affinity towards the particular color. The logo is fairly monochrome in juxtaposition with a large gamut of colors. Hence the entire look and feel of the store is represented as a happy place to be in order to boost the consumerism.


Final Design Output


Logo | Indianama 2018 | Maitri Dalicha


Store Banner
Board | Indianama 2018 | Maitri Dalicha


Color Gamut and Typefaces
Colors and Fonts | Indianama 2018 | Maitri DalichaPosters


Standee Chalk Board
Standee | Indianama 2018 | Maitri Dalicha
Bill Book Page
Bill Book | Indianama 2018 | Maitri Dalicha




Business Cards | Front and Back

Business Cards Mockup
B.Card Mockup | Indianama2018 | Maitri Dalicha