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Beautiful Gujarati Wedding Card Design | Arth x Maitri

Lagna Kankotri – a traditional Gujarati wedding invite \\ arth x maitri

I knew I was going to design my own wedding invite even when I was unsure of even getting married! I had a certain idea of how I want my invite to be minimal, concise and probably monochrome but when the time came, I just decided to get colorful and actually embrace the colors that are most used in any Gujarati wedding – Red, White and Green.

Wedding Card Design | Graphic Design

The card is composed of three inserts related to major events of three days long ceremony – Sangeet / Wedding and Reception, a two-fold and a main cover.

Wedding Card Design | Graphic Design
Card with inserts

We wanted a small ceremonial event and nothing too fancy and hopefully succeeded in doing so (even though the ceremonies were painfully too long but that’s how Gujarati weddings are perhaps), I wanted to make sure I handle the color theme of the entire event and make it revolve around these color gamut I chose.

Wedding Card Design | Graphic Design
Back of the envelope.

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